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How To Instant Relief From Dry Coughing At Night Without Medicine | 9 Basic Tips

How To Instant Relief From Dry Coughing At Night Without Medicine

Are you struggling with coughing at night? Then this article will be showing you how to stop coughing at night without medicine. Dealing with a cough is bad enough during the day. But anyone who's ever had a cold the flu or allergies knows that the heck in can keeping you tossing and turning when you could really use that extra shut-eye to you know to recover. But let's back up. When you cough, your body is responding to some type of irritant in your throat or airway, whether it be an allergen like dust or mucus in your throat from a cold. Coughing at night is super common. It's caused by those same irritants.

Why are you coughing?

Why are you coughing at night? A worsening night time cough may happen simply because of how your position. When you lie down you lose the effects of gravity that were present while you were standing. That prone position makes it harder for your body to keep your Airways clear.

If you have to post nasal drip from a cold or the flu, “laying down can allow the mucus drainage to slide down into your throat, which will active your coughing reflex. If you have acid reflux or gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), that loss of gravity means the acid can come back up your esophagus, which can make you cough.”

Besides a cold, the most common causes of chronic night-time coughing are GERD, postnasal drip, and asthma. That worsening, effect though, could be due simply to your environment. “Dry air, like in the winter, can irritate your nose, throat, an airway, making an itchy and naturally making you want to cough.” Outside air coming from an open window can trigger asthma symptoms, and allergic reactions to dust mites and mattresses or pillows can keep you coughing into the wee hours, too.

9 Simple Tips For Instant Relief Cough

Here, I will be giving you nine easy tips on how to stop coughing at night even without medicine.

1. incline the head of your bed 

When it comes to nighttime cough, gravity is your enemy. All the postnasal drainage and mucus you swallow during the day back up and irritates your throat when you lay down at night. Try to defy gravity by propping yourself up on some pillows while you sleep.

Another trick for people with acid reflux is to stack wooden blocks under the head of the bed to raise it four inches. With that angle, you might keep acids down in your stomach where they won't irritate your throat. Of course, you'll have to get your partners okay first.


2. Use a humidifier 

Dry, warm air can irritate your throat and airways. Some people also coughed when they turn their heater on in the winter. This is due to the release of pollutants that build up in the heating ducts. A humidifier that produces a cool mist can help keep the air in your bedroom moist. This can keep your throat feeling better.


3. drink herbal tea with honey 

Get into the habit of having a mug of noncaffeinated tea before bed. “Any warm liquid can help break up mucus in your airways.” Add a little honey.

4. use steam cautiously 

Dry Airways can make you coughed worse. You may find relief from taking a shower or bath before bed -- or just sitting in a steamy bathroom. Edelman has one caution: “If you have asthma, steam can actually make a cough worse.”

5. keep the bedding clean 

If you have a coffin is prone to allergies focuses on your bed. Dust mites tiny creatures that eat dead flakes of skin and lurk in bedding are a common allergy trigger. To get rid of them, each week wash all your bedding in hot water.

6. stay hydrated

Getting enough fluids is always a good idea, and even more so when you have a cold, as staying hydrated helps to thin mucus, and make coughs more productive and potentially helps fight your infection. Water is ideal but soothing chicken soup counts, too.

7. Apply vapour rub

The same menthol scented balm your mother or grandmother rubbed on your chest when you were a kid can help clear nasal passages, which can help relieve nighttime coughing. It still works great on your kids as well.

8. prevent cockroaches 

The saliva, feces and body parts of cockroaches may cause coughing and other allergy symptoms. Cockroaches are a common cause of allergies and asthma attacks. You can help prevent or reduce cockroaches in your home with these strategies:

  • keep food containers sealed so they're unattractive to cockroaches.
  • Eliminate piles of newspapers and magazines that attract dust and give cockroaches places to hide.
  • Use an exterminator to eliminate a severe cockroach infestation.

9. stop smoking

A chronic cough is a common side effect of long-term smoking. It's not a quick fix, but if you're a smoker, talk to your doctor about programs to help you kick the habit.

When You Call The Doctor?

Not only will your coughing improve your overall health will, too. The good news is; most coughs go away on their own eventually. But if you've had a nighttime cough for more than a few weeks. and it continues to persist or seems to be getting worse, I recommend seeking help from your doctor as this cough could be a symptom of a health condition that can be treated. And if it's been weeks, don't you just want to sleep through the night already? if you find the article informative give it a comment up share it with your friends for more recipes and tips subscribe to the site.


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