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3 Effective Tips to Remove Pimples and Pimple marks On Your Face

Many peoples asked me for the solution to Acne or Pimples problems which is a very big problem for teenagers. Whenever we had to go to college, fest, and farewell, so we got an enemy in our skin. Pimple will not come here and there, will here in front of our face. 


So we can see it easily and can't hide it. And what we do for the pimples, we break the pimple, rub it and hide by makeup Pimple goes but leaves one of its marks. Pimple goes but comes with his 2 friends too. So friends may first tell you why we have pimples our skin consists of small pores and these pores are clogged with dead skin cells and dirt, which responsible for pimples Because of the hormonal changes in a teenager, Sebaceous Glands become more active. which is responsive to the Pores blockage, and hence become acne and pimples.

#1 Steaming

So today I am bringing for you, very Easy 3 Step remedy. And the first is Steaming For which we have to take warm water and a clean towel. Now check this steam with the help of your hand, you must check how much steam. you can take now steam with the help of this towel by this steam will open our skin pores.

#2 Cleaning & Moisturizing

our 2nd step is Cleaning and Moisturizing. For cleaning and moisturizing, we need rose water and a cotton boll. Now take a bowl add some rose water and dip cotton boll in it. And wipe your face rose water works as a toner, it turns out the access oil from our skin.


And we will moisturize with the aloe vera gel, take the aloe vera gel in your cleaned hand and remember it by putting gently on your face, you do not want to rub it ... Now let it stay for a while until dry make sure do not put anything on your face for 1 to 2 hours. It is from 1 to 2 hours after we have moisturizing.

#3 Spot Treatment

Now start with the spot treatment, for which I will tell you 2 optional remedies. you can follow any one of the remedies.

#Remedy 1

For the first remedies, we will take 1 tbsp Fuller's Earth 1 tsp Turmeric Powder half tsp Honey and for making paste  Rosewater or Normal water. Now mix these whole ingredients together and make a fine paste. And the 1st pack is ready. You can apply this pack with the help of an earbud or finger, where Pimple. 


And Acne is located make sure do not rub the pack in pimples In the fuller's earth, there is oil-absorbing properties which help in reducing Pimples and Acne, as well as an exfoliation agent. That removes dead skin cells. Turmeric contains anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties which kill Pimple Causing bacteria. Honey contains moisture agent it's smooth and thick texture makes our skin glowing and soft. Rosewater helps to hydrate our skin. Now let this paste dry well if you are going to sleep, so you dry it well so that it does not spread. And after getting up in the morning, after washing it with normal water, you will see that this paste offers a lot of help in your pimples.

#Remedy 2

For 2nd optional remedy, we'll take 1/2 tsp nutmeg powder for this you'll grind nutmeg first 1 tsp sandalwood powder 2-3 drops tea tree oil and rose water for making paste Now mix these whole ingredients together and make a fine paste. And your paste is ready. Now apply this to your affected area. let it dry After applying an overnight, wash it with clean water in the morning You will see that it has given a good result just like the earlier remedy Nutmeg has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties which reduce Pimple spots Sandalwood powder is the soothing ingredient that fresh our skin and prevents it from being pimple again. Tea tree oil contains anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties which kill Pimple Causing bacteria and reduce pimple. Trust me friends if you do this overnight you'll get the best results.

Now comes some tips for these pimples

1st tip is to keep your face clean at least you must wash your face twice a day
  1. 2nd tip You must have applied toner on your face after your face wash. and It turns out the access oil from your face
  2. next tip keep your skin hydrated and moisturize
  3. next tip wash your towel and your pillow cover in a week, so that no dirt can affect your face
  4. next tip is to eat healthily, take a healthy and balanced diet and drink more water than usual
  5. next tip is that you do not rub your face, do not touch pimples and do not think of breaking the pimples.
  6. And we have the last tip for teens, be stress-free and take good sleep.


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