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Best Eye Allergy Drops|Which You Can Choose For You?


Best Eye Allergy Drops. Which You Can Choose For You?

So what are the best allergy eye drops that are available both over-the-counter and help relieve your red and itchy eyes? Well, today we're covering my two favorites. So let's take a look. The article helps with the eyes vision and finding the best vision product.

What Is Eye Allergy?

So the actual medical term for eye allergies is called allergic conjunctivitis. And that's the allergy symptoms where your eyes are turning red irritated kind of scratchy itchy feeling right along the eyelids. The eyelids will actually become puffy and swell and then they'll even experience tearing.

You can have these eye allergy symptoms from seasonal allergies, times like in the spring and fall when all the flowers or the trees are pollinating or you can have it from perennial allergies.

And that's more from being inside around like dust mites, sometimes cockroaches, and even pet dander or some of the most common perennial allergies. But I know for a lot of people when you're looking for over-the-counter options for allergy symptoms then you want to find something that's working but there's just way too many options on the shelf. So here's a couple of my favorites that are over-the-counter and work excellent for eye allergy symptoms.

Best Eye Allergic Medicine

Now when it comes to allergic conjunctivitis treatment there are two over-the-counter options that I find work the best one is called Zaditor and another one's called Alawayand. They have the same active ingredient which is called ketotifen fumarate. Now ketotifen fumarate works by controlling both you're as an antihistamine. Controlling your histamine response as well as a mast cell stabilizer so you can kind of get this dual-action going on. The antihistamine addresses the allergy symptoms you have right now this moment and then the mast cell stabilizer helps soothe things for future outbreaks.


Now Zaditor is pretty easy to find because it is in the orange label. So whenever you go into the store we need to say they find the one that is in the orange label and that's the one we want you to use. 

Best Eye Allergy Drops

Now when I was living in South Texas getting my doctorate people had something called cedar fever.  Basically, the seed of trees would open up the pollen would get into their eyes and it gave a lot of people allergy symptoms. So we basically got into the habit of handing people a coupon for Zaditor hey pick this up it works great.

2. Alaway

The other one again is called Alaway. Now again they both have the same ingredients they work the same way using one drop into both eyes twice a day whenever you're having allergy symptoms. But again all the way ends at or even though they're the same ingredient there's a little difference Alaway is actually in a little bit bigger bottle. So Zaditor has a five-milliliter bottle it usually comes in around $12 u.s. for a single bottle of it but if you look at always you get a 10-milliliter bottle and it's only about $10 u.s. depending on where you're shopping. 

Best Eye Allergy Drops

You can, of course, check out some of the references online if you want to see updated prices but of course, you go to the pharmacy you can compare the orange bottle Zaditor to the blue and white bottle of always and you'll see the price difference.

Why You Use These Medications For Your Allergy?

Now one of the big reasons why I like these medications more than some of the other brands is that it doesn't have any other weird ingredients that help with redness of the eye a lot of time you think oh my eyes are red I need some sort of a drop that's going to get the redness to go away.  Those medications that cause these blood vessels to constrict and get the redness to go away can actually have a rebound effect and make things worse overtime.

But again when you're looking at these different allergy eye drops make sure that you read the label on the back of the box and the instructions on the insert to make sure that you don't have any other allergic complications that you're not allergic to the drops themselves or any other inactive ingredients. It's important to read these labels because if you're a woman and you're pregnant or nursing you may see that head says hey talk to your doctor before using this and that's because these drops are actually category pregnancy C.

There's only one drop on the market for allergies that is okay for pregnancy is actually a pregnancy category B. So a bit safer and that one is actually prescription so that one's called last a calf and you will have to talk to your eye doctor your the physician to get the prescription for that drop.

How ToUse This Medication?

Otherwise if you are still having allergy symptoms your irritation the redness the puffiness of your eyelids is not going away make sure you talk to your local eye physician your eye doctor in your community. So that they can actually make sure that hey it's the right diagnosis it's actually allergies and to make sure that it's not something that needs to be treated with a stronger medication.

Now I personally don't get allergies too often it's usually when I'm in a kind of a dusty moldy environment like a dark basement or something. But being a contact lens where you can still use these drops you just want to use the drops and wait at least 10 to 15 minutes and then put your contact lenses in. Then it should be fine to use. But again if you're using that drop a second time throughout the day you have to take your contacts out and then wait again another10-15 minutes.

But often times if you're having that terrible red itchy sensation you should probably take a break from your contacts anyway and just go ahead and switch back to glasses. And even sometimes just using a lubricating I drop one that doesn't have any antihistamine or really mast cell stabilizer effect should be fine those also will rinse out and he sort of pollen or debris that could have landed on the eye surface itself and help rinse it out.

Another cool the tip is that aside from using eye drops and manage your allergy symptoms try just using a cold washrag and holding that on the eyelids that coolness effect is gonna help reduce some of the eyelid swellings and make it feel a lot more comfortable.


What It Can Be Used For Children?

Now another the cool thing about these drops is that they are approved for children's use when they're ages 3 and up. But if you do have a kid who's having allergy symptoms I do think it's best to see a doctor just to make sure it actually is allergies versus something else get the crazy type of pinkeye or something.

But a lot of times we'll be able to prescribe either children's Alloway a little bit weaker form or they can always get a different type of prescription that's available again through your physician.

so my health question of the day what kind of allergy symptoms are you having to go ahead and comment on the section below let us know what things you're allergic to what kind of allergy symptoms you have and what eye drops help with managing your allergy symptom alright.


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